Royalty Free Stock Holiday Clipart by Pushkin

  1. Happy Autumn Fairy Princess Sitting on a Blank Orange Sign with Hearts and Falling Leaves
  2. Purple Easter Basket and Pink Bunny Rabbit
  3. Gray and White Easter Bunny Sitting in a Broken Striped Egg Shell
  4. American Background with Waves of White Stars
  5. Cute Black Halloween Fairy Kitten
  6. Winter Christmas Background with Snowflakes, Grunge and Red Poinsettias
  7. Red Faced Ruby Heart
  8. Blue Christmas Background of Shiny Glass Baubles and Snowflake Waves
  9. Cute Easter Chick in a Decorated Egg Shell, Butterflies and a Daffodil
  10. Beer and Soft Pretzels over an Oktoberfest Banner and Diamond Background
  11. Witch Girl Sitting on an Orange Blank Halloween Sign with Bats
  12. Cute Polar Bear and Two Penguins Singing Christmas Carols
  13. Christmas Santa Hats
  14. Christmas Candy Canes with Holly and Poinsettia