Royalty Free Stock Holiday Clipart by KJ Pargeter

  1. Black Cat, Tombstones, Webs, Bats and Bare Trees with Grunge
  2. Christmas Background of White Snowflakes over Blue, with Space in the Center for Text
  3. Pink Stripe Valentines Day Background with Hearts
  4. 3d White Man Waving with a Carved Jackolantern Pumpkin Head
  5. Halloween Background of Jackolantern Pumpkins by Tombstones, with Drips, Webs, Bats and a Bare Tree
  6. 3d Blue Bow and Tag over Snowflakes
  7. Ghost Tombstones and Pumpkins, on Red with Grunge, Webs and Bats
  8. Red Snowflake Christmas Background
  9. 3d Red Christmas Gift Bow with Copyspace and Gold Sparkles
  10. Tan Retro Christmas Trees over Red Dots with Copyspace
  11. Rainbow Behind a 3d White Leprechaun with Gold
  12. 3d Tortoise Carrying a Christmas Gift